Review: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ – ‘Chocolate Milk’

10.05.14 5 years ago 21 Comments

A quick review of tonight’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” coming up just as soon as I embarrass myself in front of Derek Jeter…

There’s plenty of funny stuff for the whole “Brooklyn” ensemble in “Chocolate Milk,” from Gina slapping Boyle at the thought of them being “bone bros” to Santiago’s eyes going wide with terror at the realization that she just yelled at her captain, to the spectacle of Terry being high. (In addition to the spectacle of Jake clinging to Terry’s ankle as Terry easily continues walking.) Solid episode all-around.

But the highlight, by far, is the introduction of Kyra Sedgwick as Holt’s partner-turned-nemesis, Madeline Wuntch. Despite the badge and deputy chief ranking, this is in no way a parody of Sedgwick’s role on “The Closer” – though it is funny to have two of TV’s greatest interrogators facing off – but a chance for a fine comic actress to prove she can expertly match the smug deadpan energy of Andre Braugher’s own great performance as Holt(*). This is going to be a recurring role, and one I look forward to. With Holt and Peralta now (relatively) at peace with each other, Holt needs someone new to agitate him, and the idea of it being a superior officer who is essentially his female doppelganger is wonderful – especially if it will provide many more opportunities to give us flashbacks to ’80s Holt, with or without a sweater over his shoulders.

(*) Perfect example of said energy: Braugher’s delivery of “That is amazingly funny” in response to Boyle’s lame “grand captain” joke. Also, you should really read this great Fienberg interview with Braugher and imagine all of the answers are being delivered by Captain Holt.

The only really disappointing thing about the episode: that we didn’t actually get a flashback to the Derek Jeter incident. But given that Jeter now has much more free time, maybe that’ll come down the road.

What did everybody else think?

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