Review: ‘Bunheads’ – ‘Better Luck Next Year!’

Comic-Con prep means I don’t have time to write about last night’s “Bunheads” in anything resembling depth, but Dan and I will be discussing it on this week’s second podcast, and I wanted to offer people a chance to discuss episode four, which in many ways felt like the pilot to the show Amy Sherman-Palladino actually wanted to make. A couple of quick thoughts coming up just as soon as I’m robbed in reverse…

After spending three episodes steering Michelle to Paradise and giving her a reason to stay, we’re done dealing with any grief over Hubbell (who’s not even alluded to in this one, much less mentioned), and it’s just a situation where Michelle and Fanny are getting to know each other, learn how their personalities and skill sets work together, etc.

But if this is the show she wanted to make, I don’t know that “Better Luck Next Year!” was the best example of that show. This one was written and directed by Sherman-Palladino’s husband and creative partner Daniel Palladino, and like his “Gilmore Girls” episodes, much of it felt ever so slightly off from his wife’s voice, and pushing certain character traits (in this case, Fanny’s bossiness) past funny and into annoying.

I liked the three minutes or so we spent on Boo, but “Bunheads” is still a series that treats the girls more as an ABC Family requirement than anything it’s genuinely interested in.

What did everybody else think?