Review: ‘Dexter’ – ‘Are We There Yet?’

A quick review of tonight’s “Dexter” coming up just as soon as we sage the place and hang a crystal in the corner…

We’re now two-thirds of the way through this final season, and the final big bad has finally made herself known, as Dr. Vogel murders Zach and keeps a piece of his brain as a souvenir, Brain Surgeon-style. The question becomes whether she was collaborating with her former patient all along, or if she’s finally decided to practice what she’s been preaching all these years, and how exactly Dexter will react to this – especially after he, Hannah and Zach had formed a makeshift serial killing family in this episode. I’m still not wild about all the hints that Vogel somehow misdiagnosed Dexter when he was a kid, and that the show will try to absolve him of all blame before the end, but I have no objections to Charlotte Rampling being given even more to do while she’s here.

(UPDATE: A few readers have suggested that Vogel just got the brain piece delivered to her like usual, and that the true Brain Surgeon has yet to be caught. That doesn’t seem impossible, but I don’t know that I care all that much about that mystery if that’s the case.)

The other parts of “Are We There Yet?” felt a bit like the series once again treading familiar ground, including Deb pondering a return to the police force and yet another Deb/Hannah confrontation. There are tweaks, like Deb deciding to leave Hannah alone for now, or the latest lab assistant being Masuka’s daughter, but overall there hasn’t been a sense of urgency to this season the way there was a year ago. I haven’t minded much of what’s happened (other than the usual mind-numbing action at Miami Metro), but mainly I’m just marking time until the finale.

What does everybody else think?