Five Star News: The Final ‘Review’ Season Has A Premiere Date

In its first two seasons, Andy Daly’s Review was one of the very best shows on television, but so low-rated that Comedy Central dragged its heels both on renewing it for an abbreviated third and final season, then again on announcing a premiere date. (The show last aired an original episode in October 2015.)

Today, though, we have word: the final season will debut on Thursday, March 16 at 10 p.m., allowing fans of Daly’s Forrest MacNeil — a “reviewer of life” who will try out any experience (drug addiction, starting a cult, even murder) his viewers ask him to, then rate it on a five-star scale — to start getting, and rating, their closure.

Though there had been some speculation that Comedy Central might air the whole final season over the course of a night or two, the show will continue to air weekly through the end of the run. A smart move, given the lessons Review taught us about overconsumption in one sitting, like the time Forrest had to review eating 15 pancakes at once:

and then 30 pancakes later in the same episode:

What’s always made Review special has been the serialized nature of it: it’s a collection of sketches, yes, but each review Forrest does negatively impacts his life in a tangible way that’s reflected in the later reviews, and in the gradual untangling of his personal life. The show could have ended with Forrest and his evil producer Grant (James Urbaniak) falling off a bridge together, but I want to see if Forrest can damage his existence any further before Megan Stevenson’s sidekick AJ Gibbs announces whatever the final review will be.

I can’t wait for it to come back, even if it’s not going to last for much longer.

Review ending? Half a star.

Review being in our lives at all? Five stars!