Review: ‘Girls’ – ‘Video Games’

I’m on vacation, but I got to see tonight’s “Girls” early, and have a few quick thoughts on it coming up just as soon as I like the way you fold down your turtleneck…

“Girls” season 2 hasn’t exactly turned into “Louie,” where you have no idea what kind of episode you’re going to get each week, but it’s felt more experimental, particularly in this three episode stretch of “One Man’s Trash,” “Boys” and now “Video Games,” which takes place entirely in rural New York and only features Hannah and Jessa (plus an amusing cameo by Hannah’s parents). I like the willingness to try different structures and to dig deeper into some of the characters – here giving us a lot of insight into how Jessa became the human wrecking ball she is today – even though it’s meant some other characters (Shoshanna mainly, but even Adam) haven’t gotten a lot of burn this year.

I also thought this was a very funny Hannah episode, as she has to deal with Jessa’s crazy family (including Rosanna Arquette as the woman who gives the episode its title) and just keep herself entertained while Jessa is going through her drama. Hannah and Jessa’s argument about why she had sex with Frank (“That was fully just me trying to have continuity with you!“) was priceless, and the phone call home – where her pre-established issues with her mom prevents her from having the heartwarming moment she needs (and that so many other shows would provide in that circumstance) – provided a bitter, hilarious payoff to the UTI running gag.

What did everybody else think?