Review: ‘Parenthood’ – ‘How Did We Get Here?’

A quick review of last night's “Parenthood” coming up just as soon as I have the route to the hospital MapQuested…

I'm traveling to press tour today (and my responsibilities at tour may make reviewing next week's episode difficult, as well), so don't have time to write much about “How Did We Get Here?” Assuming Zeek's medical troubles aren't a red herring for another Braverman death, this one pushed all of the season's remaining arcs forward in more or less expected ways. Zeek may need more surgery, and might not be strong enough to survive it. Adam and Crosby have a way out of the Luncheonette, but for the second time in the run of the series, Crosby doesn't want to take it. Joel is hoping Julia takes him back for good, Hank is inspired by the drama to propose to Sarah, and Amber even gets a mini-baby shower in the hospital cafeteria that I expect wasn't too different from the real thing, given that she has no friends outside the family.

This one was an excellent showcase for Bonnie Bedelia, but everyone got a little moment at some point or other. I wish we hadn't had the extended holiday break between episodes, because the time away made the emotions feel a little less raw despite all the actors being on the verge of tears throughout, but this was a strong Very Bad Day in the Life kind of episode. We'll see if we get a bunch of unearned happy endings (particularly in regards to the Luncheonette) in the remaining three episodes, but this was a good return.

What did everybody else think?