Review: ‘Revolution’ – ‘No Quarter’

A quick review of last night’s “Revolution” coming up just as soon as I Shawshank my way out of here…


I’m still not in love, but “No Quarter” was overall a more interesting version of the show “Revolution” wants to be than either the pilot or “Chained Heat.” This was more of a straight-up B-movie kind of story, with our heroes under siege from overwhelming odds (a classic trope that “Strike Back” also did well with a few weeks ago), with a good guest performance (and well-written character) from “Lost” alum Mark Pellegrino, and the final scene at the end with the Discman and iPhone briefly flaring to life did the job of conveying just how much a world with power would emotionally mean to these people. And the flashbacks to Miles and Sebastian on the road in the months after the blackout is the first time I’ve been somewhat interested in the backstory to the show. It’s a pretty clear arc they’ve set up – the two form their militia to do good, then it turns into a dictatorship, Miles splits, etc. –  but not a bad one. Also, bonus points for Miles using the alias Stu Redman, the hero from the similarly post-apocalyptic “The Stand.”

Still don’t love either of the Mathison kids (and I’m not sure what value Danny gets out of not-quite-killing a man who still has all this power over him), but the overall level of execution this week made for an iteration of the show I could see myself watching for a bit.

What did everybody else think? And not that anything about the show’s laws of physics make sense, but does anyone want to suggest why some kinds of ammunition work and others don’t? (Miles’ military-issued pistol fired just fine in the flashbacks, after all.)