Review: ‘The Bridge’ – ‘Take the Ride, Pay the Toll’

A quick review of tonight’s “The Bridge” coming right up…

I said last week that I might be skipping over the next few episodes of this first season because of the rush of new shows debuting, but as I’ve been cooped up in the hospital recovering from my appendectomy, I got a chance to watch “Take the Ride, Pay the Toll” and figured I’d at least provide an outlet for people to discuss the resolution of the David Tate story.

With two episodes left to go in the season, Gus dies, Daniel Frye is very badly injured and Sonya prevents Marco from murdering Tate for revenge. On the one hand, I admire the writers (whether on their own or in adapting the Scandinavian original) for having the guts to have Gus pay such a terrible price for his father’s sins. On the other hand, the Gus/Marco relationship was one of the more distinctive parts of the show, and I’d rather not see that sacrificed for the sake of this goofy eeeevil criminal mastermind story arc. As I’ve been saying, I’m looking forward to what Stiehm, Reid and company do with these characters once they’ve moved beyond what they inherited from the Danes and Swedes, but it’s a shame they had to permanently deprive themselves of a good character and relationship in the bargain.

What did everybody else think? Are you upset that Gus is dead? Relieved that Frye isn’t – at least not yet? Glad to be done with the Tate storyline? Do you feel like Sonya’s decision was a good enough pay-off for all the earlier discussion about what Hank’s vigilante justice cost her, or is it not a good parallel because Marco knows exactly what was motivating Tate to do what he did? And what would you like to see the show move onto in the final weeks of this season?