‘The Good Wife’ – ‘Pants on Fire’: Stroke of genius

A quick review of last night’s “The Good Wife” coming up just as soon as I give you a friendship bracelet…

“Pants on Fire” was a mix of satisfying moments and frustrating ones. Chief among the latter was Jackie taking a page out of the Livia Soprano playbook and faking a stroke to get her out of a jam involving her son. There are times when “The Good Wife” does an outstanding job of dealing in moral shades of grey, and other times when it paints its heroes and villains in stark black and white, and both Jackie and the Matthew Perry character were so clearly eeevil last night that their scenes were even accompanied by melodramatic string music just to be sure we got what a danger they posed to Alicia.

I also find that the longer this series is around, I enjoy its ripped-from-the-headlines stories far more when I’m unfamiliar with the headline in question, so doing a female spin on what happened to the three guys from the “Paradise Lost” documentary proved unsatisfying for me. The details were changed a lot, but when you start out from a point that’s well-known to a viewer, it can be hard for that viewer to pay attention to the story as a story, and not as a series of divergences from the truth.

On the other hand, I thought all the Eli material was terrific this week, whether trying to get Alicia to let go of her righteous fury over Mike’s lies or being stuck in a lousy position by the Democratic Party and choosing Peter over his ex.

What did everybody else think?