Review: ‘Tremé’ – ‘Saints’

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09.30.12 17 Comments

A few quick thoughts on tonight’s “Tremé” coming up just as soon as I set a date to set a date…

Lots going on in “Saints,” including Annie getting a manager (played by Michael Cerveris, aka The Observer from “Fringe”), LP getting a lead on a post-Katrina shooting that’s very similar to Toni’s, and Antoine getting deeper into his teaching job.

But the most interesting thread for me is seeing characters trying to get by without something the love. Being on the fishing boat has been good for Sonny’s emotional health (if sometimes frustrating for his sex life), but he still feels the pull of being on stage, and gets a gig playing keyboards in a band. Janette wants to stay in New York (and specifically at David Chang’s kitchen), but it’s hard to resist both the sales pitch by Tim the restaurateur and the possibility of rewriting her New Orleans story. And Big Chief Lambreaux’s coughing last week turns out to be chronic pulmonary disease, exacerbated by breathing in the post-Katrina New Orleans air. Albert can still do his contracting work if he wears a mask, but if he needs Delmond to fill in for him at Indian practice because he can’t chant loudly enough, can’t even do Indian practice, can he still be chief? And if not, what will that do to him?

So go read Dave Walker’s usual episode explainer over at, and then fire away with your thoughts on “Saints.”

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