Season premiere review: ‘Cougar Town’ – ‘American Dream Plan B’

01.06.15 5 years ago 13 Comments

A few quick thoughts on the final season premiere of “Cougar Town” coming up just as soon as I flirt with a Fu Manchu…

As much joy as the Cul-de-Sac Crew has brought me over the previous five seasons, it definitely feels like time for “Cougar Town” to wrap things up. Brian Van Holt's leaving the cast (next week's episode has a lot of Bobby in it, though), Laurie and Travis are about to have a baby, and the show has wrung just about every last drop of comedy (and wine) out of these characters, to the point where “American Dream Plan B” is cracking jokes about long-forgotten characters like Barb and Grayson's baby(*).

(*) I was pleased to see the Briga Heelan cameo at the end, even if I'm now used to her in the multi-cam world of “Ground Floor.”

Still, I like the group and the show enough that I'm happy to stick it out to the end (if not reviewing it much, or at all, between now and the finale), and the premiere had enough amusing stray gags (Ellie's “What-Fat?” to Laurie, Jules licking the wine out of the full glass at Tom's speakeasy, the socks full of nickels) that it didn't feel like I was just watching out of loyalty.

What did everybody else think? Can you believe we have somehow made it to six seasons with this show and its awful, awful title?

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