Sepinwall & Fienberg: A reunion conversation

It has been 257 days since Fienberg and I published the final installment of that podcast we used to do together. And in that time, each of us has received far more than 257 queries about whether the podcast might live again down the road. While we can’t offer you a full-scale resurrection, we were just in Austin together for a long weekend (made a bit longer due to travel mishaps), and we thought we might do an early celebration of Dan’s birthday (which happens to be today, so be sure to tweet him your best wishes) by recording a conversation that may in some way resemble the ones we recorded together in another life.

Because this is a one-shot deal and not a continuation of the old podcast (though we do dip into the old podcast mailbag one time at the end, for our own – and hopefully your – amusement), this conversation isn’t in the old podcast feed, or any podcast feed. It’s available as an MP3 file, which you can either stream below or download. I’ve also uploaded it to SoundCloud, if you’d prefer listening to it there.

This was recorded on a Saturday, before we had seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, and before the Emmy ballots were released, but we talked about the GoT season as a whole and some nominations we would like to see, along with a bunch of other topics, as broken down below:

OJ: Made in America (02:15 – 13:45)

Emmys (13:45 – 25:25)

Game of Thrones (25:45 – 30:15)

Horace and Pete (32:25 – 38:00)

The Americans finale (38:35 – 50:10)

The Fate of Stat Phoebe Tonkin (51:00 – 52:20)

We hope you enjoy. We missed doing this.