Series premiere talkback: ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ – ‘Pilot/Bridge & Tunnel’

I posted my review of “Marvel's Agent Carter” yesterday. Now it's your turn. For those of you who watched the two-hour premiere tonight, what did you think? If you had watched Hayley Atwell in the “Captain America” films, how do you think she did carrying the full load? If you were new to the character, was she interesting? How do you think they handled the period setting? Were you excited by the Andre Royo guest appearance? Amused or annoyed by the oblivious sexism of most of Peggy's colleagues? How did you feel about Jarvis? Peggy's blonde disguise? And was I the only person who watched Peggy beat up bad guys with a stapler and immediately say, “Hayley Atwell is… The Stapler!”?

Okay, I'm pretty sure the answer to that last one is “yes,” but what did everybody think of the rest? Will you watch again?

Have at it. I've been reviewing “Agents of SHIELD” weekly, but Tuesdays are going to be much busier for the next few months, plus I'll be at press tour next week, so maybe I'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks. But this may be one I'll just be content to sit back and enjoy. 

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