Series premiere: ‘Under the Dome’ – ‘Pilot’

I published my review of CBS’ Stephen King adaptation “Under the Dome” on Sunday. Now it’s your turn. What did everybody else think of the pilot? Did a svelter Dean Norris work for you in a more prominent role than he usually has as Hank Schrader? Did you like Mike Vogel as the mysterious Barbie? Was Junior creepy or campy? And do you find this town and its inhabitants compelling enough to spend a summer watching? 

I understand Brian K. Vaughan and company have made some significant departures from the book. Nevertheless, let’s keep any book discussion as vague as possible, if not ignoring it altogether, rather than let this turn into a “Game of Thrones” situation. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to cover this weekly; I’ll have to see what I feel about the next few episodes, but I can try to at least put up brief discussion posts about them.

In the meantime, have at it.