‘Strike Back’ adds Michelle Yeoh, Dustin Clare & more to final season cast

The final season of “Strike Back” has the potential for even more bad-assery than usual, based on the just-announced guest cast.

The action drama, co-produced by Cinemax and the UK's Sky 1, resumed production on its fourth and final season, following a brief hiatus caused by star Sullivan Stapleton getting injured away from the set. For the final year, Stapleton, Philip Winchester and the rest of the returning crew (including Robson Green, Michelle Lukes and Milauna Jackson as members of British special forces unit Section 20) will be joined by a set of actors with impressive action bonafides:

* Michelle Yeoh, one of the greatest action stars ever produced by international cinema, and star of one of the best action movies ever made (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”);

* Dustin Clare from Starz's very violent “Spartacus” franchise (plus fellow “Spartacus” alum Christian Antidormi);

* Adrian Paul, who brandished a sword many times as star of the syndicated “Highlander” series;

* Will Yun Lee, who, like Yeoh, has a Bond film on his resume (“Die Another Day”) and was in “The Wolverine”;


* UFC fighter Michael Bisping.

Just a hunch, but something tells me Stonebridge and Scott will be involved in a lot of close-quarters hand-to-hand combat.

The new season will be filmed in both Europe and Thailand, and premiere sometime next year.

Enjoy the clip above of Winchester on set, talking us through that day's stunts. My favorite part is when he shrugs and says of one part, “for some reason, it explodes.” Yup. Just about right.