‘The Killing’ – ‘Undertow’: Physical graffiti

Senior Television Writer
05.22.11 166 Comments


Even if I wasn’t forced to trim some of my usual reviewing workload this week due to upfronts coverage, I imagine I would give short shrift to tonight’s “The Killing.” We’re at the point in the season where I’m just repeating the same complaints over and over again, and that’s a waste of my time as much as it is yours. If upcoming episodes are substantially different from what we’ve seen of late, perhaps I’ll check back in with a longer take. Otherwise, we’re close enough to the finish line that it might be wiser for me to just reserve my thoughts for a long review of the finale in a few weeks.

But as for “Undertow,” what did everybody think? Do you like where the story took Bennet Ahmed? Are you struggling to feel sympathetic towards Mitch Larsen? Did you roll your eyes at most of what Darren Richmond did and said? Have at it in the comments.

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