There is a new set of pictures. Discuss. (Among other things)

05.10.10 9 years ago 148 Comments

Can you guess what these

For a variety of reasons, the old rotating logo from the previous blog had to go away, but I had gotten to enjoy the weekly Guess the Logo game. So I’m going to try to keep it going, sort of, by doing a weekly collection of four TV pictures, like the one above, and again invite you to guess the theme of the grouping. (This one is obviously made up of “Survivor” contestants, but what do they have in common beyond that? It’s not that hard, but we’ll again switch between the easy and the esoteric.) 

Meanwhile, we may as well also use this post as an open thread of sorts for any questions you have on recent TV developments not otherwise covered by my other posts, and also to take some early suggestions on what show, if any, might join “The Sopranos” “The Wire” season 3 as a summer TV-on-DVD project. (Doing three at once last year with “Wire” season 2, “Sports Night” and “Band of Brothers” was too much, so at most it’ll be “Wire” and one other.)

I’ll try to answer as much as I can throughout the day (at least until 5 p.m. Eastern) if the questions are simple. If it requires a more elaborate response, shoot an e-mail to and perhaps we can answer it on an upcoming Firewall & Iceberg segment.

Please save any technical concerns/complaints about HitFix for now. We’ve gotten plenty of those over the past week, and as I’ve said before, everyone’s comments have been noted by the powers that be, and the ones that can be addressed will be in time. So right now, let’s just focus on what’s been happening lately on the tube, okay?

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