Trailer Park Theater: ‘Orphan Black,’ ‘Girls’ & ‘Togethernes

Look, I’ll be honest. There is no footage I will be able to show you today – or maybe ever – that will be the equal of “Too Many Cooks.” We just have to accept that the viral video bar has been permanently raised to a perhaps impassable level. But we have to allow for the ability to watch other things, even if they can’t give us anything as spiritually fulfilling as “Coat” and “Pie.” So let’s look at the latest teaser trailers for “Orphan Black,” “Girls” and HBO’s new comedy “Togetherness.”

The “Orphan Black” clip leans much more towards “teaser” than “trailer.” It’s only 20 seconds long, and has no footage of the new season, but at least the music’s good and appropriate:

A day after HBO announced that “Girls” would be leading off an all-comedy Sunday lineup in January, we got the longest trailer yet for the new season. Tons of footage here, and it suggests the show will find a way to keep Hannah at the Iowa Writers Workshop for a while even as Adam, Marnie, Shosh, Jessa and Ray are getting into trouble back in New York:

Another part of that HBO January lineup is “Togetherness,” created by brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, and starring Mark, Melanie Lynskey, Amanda Peet and Steve Zissis as two couples forced to live under the same roof. The tone of the trailer suggests something much closer to the Duplass brothers’ films (or Jay’s acting gig on “Transparent”) than to Mark’s acting on “The League” or “The Mindy Project”:

Discuss. I know they can’t fill the hole Smarf left in all our hearts, but pop culture will move on. One day. Many years from now.