TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 38: ‘Stranger Things 2,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ & More

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10.23.17 8 Comments


Welcome to another episode of TV Avalanche, where Brian Grubb and I try to sort out the best, worst, and most interesting things happening in Peak TV.

This week, we kick things up with a discussion of both Stranger Things 2 (which I reviewed here) and the first season, which we had never discussed before. No real spoilers, as we’ll revisit the second season in a week or two.

From there, it’s a long and slightly spoiler-filled Brooklyn Nine-Nine discussion, and, as promised, here is the video of Captain Holt discussing hula hoop moves:

That leads into a discussion of some of our favorite TV weddings and proposals, followed by an explosive investigation into the fact that the Mindhunter leads look a lot like other people. This resemblance in particular…


…led to poor Carrie Coon having to do this:

Finally, we close things out with a pair of reader questions, first from our pal Mo Ryan about Brian’s proposed Halt and Catch Fire spinoff, then one on when hope-watching goes bad on the back end, and you’re stuck with a show you once loved, now hate, and probably should have dropped years ago.

As always, you can send questions to, or tweet with the hashtag #TVAvalanche.

You can also follow the podcast directly on Twitter. Uproxx now has a dedicated TV Avalanche page with links to all the ways you can subscribe, but just in case, the podcast is available on iTunes (please rate and review if you haven’t already), Stitcher, Google Play, and Android. You can also stream it below or download it from SoundCloud. Our theme song is “Brundlefly” by The Zombie Dandies, which you can download here.

The rundown:

00:00 – 24:00 Stranger Things (and a Jason Statham tangent)
24:00 – 41:15 Brooklyn Nine-Nine
41:15 – 48:30 Favorite TV weddings/proposals
48:30 – 56:30 Mindhunter doppelgangers
56:30 – 1:06:00 Listener mail

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