TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 5: Oscar Disaster, ‘Feud’ And Time Travel

Happy post-Oscar hangover day, everybody! A few pieces of good news related to this show that we have come to refer to as The TV Avalanche Podcast:

First, to answer all of your questions about iTunes, Stitcher, etc., we are now far enough along in the project that we are hoping to set up a dedicated podcast feed sometime within the next few weeks. When we do, the goal is to make all of these early beta shows part of the feed so you can easily download the whole thing to your podcast app of choice. More to come on that front.

Second, after taking questions from you guys in last week’s episode, it occurred to us to ask our engineers to set up a dedicated email address for listener queries, which is now working at You can still tweet at us with the #TVAvalanche tag, but now you have multiple options to be sure your question is both seen and easily accessed days or weeks later when we are on a hunt for new questions.

As for this week’s podcast, we wound up with a big time travel theme, starting with an Oscar telecast where Sam and Al from Quantum Leap apparently showed up to fix Warren Beatty’s mistake, then featuring a Chicago spin-off that reaches back to the ’90s to link up to the early days of Law & Order, a new Ryan Murphy anthology that takes us back to Hollywood in the early ’60s, and then this season’s latest shows that are explicitly about traveling through time (with Timeless commentary peppering both of those segments). And we conclude with Brian defending why he still watches Ballers.

The rundown:

00:00-11:30 The Most Dramatic Oscars Ever
11:31-14:45 Emmy moments that need to be Beatty’ed
14:46-16:09 Podcast announcements
16:10-23:45 Chicago Justice
23:50-34:16 Feud: Bette and Joan
34:17-39:36 Making History (plus Timeless)
39:37-46:21 Time After Time (plus Timeless)
46:22-50:00 Listener mail: Should The Rock host the Oscars?

Again, we hope to have a dedicated feed soon, but in the meantime, you can stream it below or download the file from SoundCloud.

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