TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 53: ‘Everything Sucks!,’ ‘One Day At A Time’ & More


Welcome to another episode of TV Avalanche, where Brian Grubb and I try to sort out the best, worst, and most interesting things happening in Peak TV.

With this episode, we have officially passed the podcast one-year mark, though a few of the previous episodes featured special guest hosts like Linda Holmes, Mo Ryan, and Caroline Framke while one of us or the other was on vacation. Our conversation is bookended with a pair of Netflix shows: a review of the upcoming high school comedy Everything Sucks!, and a spoiler-filled look back at the second season of One Day at a Time. (Concentrating especially on that spectacular final episode.)

In between, we check in on Sundance Now’s deaf buddy dramedy This Close (which I reviewed here), and did a long mailbag segment that included what our individual Netflix queues might look like if we resided in the Medium Place, what actors we’d like to see play high school teachers, whether we feel pressure to keep watching shows we don’t like because other people do, why some shows are better built than others to survive the loss of their main characters, and ranking all the craziness from last week’s Valentine’s Day episode of 9-1-1.

As always, you can send questions to, or tweet with the hashtag #TVAvalanche. Next week’s episode is going to be all about Mad Men, so get all your Roger and Peggy and Joan questions in early.

You can also follow the podcast directly on Twitter. Uproxx now has a dedicated TV Avalanche page with links to all the ways you can subscribe, but just in case, the podcast is available on iTunes (please rate and review if you haven’t already), Stitcher, Google Play, and Android. You can also stream it below or download it from SoundCloud. Our theme song is “Brundlefly” by The Zombie Dandies, which you can download here.

The rundown:

0:00 – 18:00 Everything Sucks!
18:00 – 26:30 This Close
26:30 54:18 Listener mail
54:18 – 1:16:24 One Day At A Time spoilers

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