TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 6: ‘The Americans,’ ‘American Crime,’ Stressful TV And More

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03.06.17 3 Comments


Welcome, everybody, to the sixth episode of the TV Avalanche Podcast, where Brian Gubb and I try to clear a path up the hill that is Peak TV!

We are still working on the technical issues around setting up a podcast feed so that you can listen to the show via your favorite podcasting app, but we hope that will be done within the next week or two. (We even have a nifty logo that Brian helped our designer make.) In the meantime, the show is still available to stream below, or to download from SoundCloud.

On this week’s show, Brian and I start off talking about the return of The Americans, which begins season five tomorrow night. No real spoilers, as we mostly talk about how Poor Stan has taken over for Poor Martha as the character whose outcome makes us most fearful.

After that, we get into season three of American Crime, which is the first one Brian has watched — the advantages of these anthology miniseries is that you can jump in at the start of any year. This is another heavy one, dealing with migrant farmers and sex workers in rural North Carolina.

Then I talk briefly about the second season of Netflix’s Love, which is mainly an excuse to get into a topic near and dear to Brian’s heart: how stressful most of today’s great TV shows are to watch.

Our final review is of last week’s delightfully bizarre episode of Legion, which in turn leads us into the first of two listener questions.

(Speaking of which, our new email address has been glitchy, but you can still put questions here in the comments or tweet us with the hashtag #TVAvalanche.)

The rundown:

00:44-09:20 The Americans season five
09:21-17:25 American Crime season three
17:26-25:57 Love season two/Stressful TV
25:58-34:45 Legion just did the weirdest episode ever
34:50-37:44 Listener mail: Other weird episodes of TV
37:45-41:11 Listener mail: Annoying characters on great shows

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