TV (THE BOOK) ((The Talk Show Appearance with Seth Meyers))

Matt Zoller Seitz and I have been doing a lot of promotion for TV (THE BOOK)on sale now! – over the last few months, in print, online, podcasts, radio, and possibly semaphore. Last night, we made our first TV appearance of this publicity tour, stopping by Late Night with Seth Meyers for a few minutes of discussing the shows at the top of our top 100:

Though Matt and I have both done TV before – including Matt interviewing Meyers when he filled in for Charlie Rose a few weeks ago – being talk show guests was a new one on both of us. Being on that side of the desk, under the hot lights and with the studio audience whipped into a frenzy can be disorienting, but Meyers has been doing this for a while now and knew exactly how to set us up to look and sound good. It felt like we could have talked to him up there for hours, but I suppose that's what the 400+ page book is for.

(And, yes, I know is geoblocked for some of you. If the full segment winds up on Late Night's YouTube account, I'll embed that here, too.)