Upfronts 2013: 10 things we learned and 1 thing we didn’t

Upfront Week 2013 is over, and you can find all of HitFix’s upfronts coverage – including schedules, analysis, new series photos and most of the trailers that advertisers were shown – here. Even after all five networks announced their fall and midseason schedules, even after we learned which shows were renewed and which were canceled, there remains a ton of uncertainty. Shows that looked good in trailer form might not work at full-length, and vice versa. A scheduling move that seems puzzling might turn out to be the most successful of the fall, and some decisions announced this week (say, FOX scheduling sitcoms on Friday) might never come to pass. 

But there are a few things that Fienberg and I feel more confident about today than we did a week ago, plus one thing we wish we had an answer for already (and would vastly prefer one answer to another about it):