USA says ‘Burn Notice’ will end this summer

USA has announced that the upcoming seventh season of “Burn Notice” will be the show’s last.

As The Hollywood Reporter explained, the series will hit the 100th episode milestone this summer (the new season premieres June 6), and though the spy drama has long been USA’s flagship series, that’s also old enough that it’s time to start making room for young blood. (The undercover cop drama “Graceland” debuts the same night, with “Burn Notice” as its lead-in.)

Though “Burn Notice” remains the one USA drama I watch pretty consistently, it feels like time (or past time), creatively. There were only so many stories Matt Nix could tell about Michael Westen finally getting the very last guy who burned him – or so many times the show could shift from Michael being a CIA agent to Michael being a CIA target – before things got silly. The more arc-driven nature of the show made it a slightly deeper watch than “Monk” or “Psych” or some of USA’s other standalones, but that also makes it harder for the show to just run forever and ever.

What do you think, “Burn Notice” fans? You ready to say goodbye to Mike, Fi, Sam and friends? Or could you watch Jeffrey Donovan blow things up and use ridiculous European accents for years to come?