Watch: ‘Chuck’ co-star Mark Christopher Lawrence at Comic-Con

Time for yet another of my “Chuck” Comic-Con video interviews, this time with Big Mike himself, Mark Christopher Lawrence.

It’s occurred to me many a time that Lawrence is as responsible for saving “Chuck” after season 2 as any fan, critic, etc., since it was Big Mike’s love of Subway sandwiches that inspired the whole campaign. And since Lawrence has such a gift for describing sandwich ingredients, the show’s various Subway plugs just feel like part of the fun rather than an intrusion.

So we talked about subs, where the Buy More employees fit in with the show’s more spy-friendly castmembers, and what he’ll miss most about working on this show. (Tease: Lawrence drops a “Designing Women” reference that reminded me of stories I read back in the day about what went on backstage at that show.)

Back a little later with Chris Fedak and Ryan McPartlin.

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