Watch: ‘Fringe’ co-star Lance Reddick at Comic-Con

07.30.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Here’s the third of the video interviews I did with the “Fringe” cast at Comic-Con, this time featuring the show’s resident authority figure, Lance Reddick.

The thing that always gets me about talking to Reddick is that he’s carved out this career playing commanding, tough-but-fair authority figures, all of them with that resonant deep voice, yet in real life he comes across nothing like Phillip Broyles, Cedric Daniels from “The Wire,” etc. It’s not just that he’s far more laid back than the roles he’s been typecast in, but that his voice is at least an octave higher. If this were an audio-only interview, I’m not sure I’d entirely believe it was Reddick.(*)

(*) Then again, he’s in a cast featuring two Australian actors who also sound nothing in real life like they do on the show, but we’ll get to that later today with the Anna Torv/John Noble Aussie duet.

Like many of the actors on the show, Reddick has seen his role evolve greatly over the course of three seasons – including, last season, the addition of an alternate version of the character to play – and we talked about how Broyles has changed (and whether he’s preferred all the changes), how he approached alt-Broyles differently, and more.

Back a little later with new cast regular Seth Gabel.

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