What ‘Preacher’ moments from the comics will be hardest to do on TV?

As I said in my written review, my plan is to treat AMC's Preacher the way I do many other TV adaptations of books: to focus entirely on the show itself rather than constantly talking about what's the same and what's different from the source material.

However, before the show begins on Sunday night, Roth Cornet and I wanted to talk a little bit about why this is such a hard comic book to adapt, and to speculate on stories and images from down the road that we would be most surprised to see survive the translation completely intact. For this one specific post, there are book spoilers aplenty, and discussion of the comics is fair game in the comments. Watch the embedded video (above and below this post) and read on at your peril.

(If you want to watch Roth and I talk about Preacher without spoilers, watch this morning's video.)