‘You’re The Worst’ Goes Full Horror Film In ‘Fog Of War, Bro’

A quick review of tonight’s You’re the Worst coming up just as soon as I befriend Fatboy Slim on your behalf…

And now we’ve gone full horror movie.

Marvelous. Absolutely marvelous.

“Fog of War, Bro” was everything I could have hoped for from the idea of a vengeful Gretchen moving back into the house, and then some. Between Adam Blau’s score hilariously evoking the best Bernard Herrmann scores from Alfred Hitchcock movies, Lindsay and Edgar growing ever-more-baffled by the new status quo (Lindsay, terrified: “I don’t know what’s real”), Jimmy struggling to remain calm throughout the interview (and Candace being nearly as baffled as the two sidecars sidekicks), and, especially, every single thing Aya Cash did throughout the half-hour, it was both a note-perfect parody/homage and the next logical step in this war between the exes.

Among the episode’s smartest choices was to have Jimmy and Gretchen cut a deal to avoid mutually assured professional destruction. This seems like something both of them would recognize as sensible, even in the midst of this latest feud, and it might have risked tipping the scales of sympathy too heavily in Jimmy’s direction if Gretchen just blitzed through the interview without warning. Instead, they agree to leave that off to the side, and Jimmy winds up accidentally texting Sam and Shitstain(*) about Gretchen’s Europe lie when he thought he was deleting the text. It lets both of them off the hook for where this goes next: Jimmy didn’t mean to do it, yet Gretchen of course has no reason not to retaliate, by switching from sweet and lovestruck fianceé — using the same logic she employed to move back into the house — to revenge sex-having, mushroom cloud-imitating doombringer in the space of a few amazing moments.

(*) The guys’ discovery that Honey Nutz was secretly 44 seems like the last time the show will need to make an excuse for Allen Maldonado’s absence. Question is whether they’ll add a new third member to the group, or keep them as a duo.

All the awards to Aya Cash. Season two’s depression arc was more intense and surprising than what she’s doing now, but the way she’s marrying Gretchen’s inner darkness to the utter ridiculousness of this current scenario is a non-stop comic marvel.

What did everybody else think?

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