You Knew It Was Coming: The Greatest Halloween Pet Costumes You’ll See This Year

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10.28.11 6 Comments

When it comes to dressing animals up in funny costumes, I’m a total hypocrite. I love looking at hilarious pictures of dogs and cats that have been dressed up for special occasions by their owners, but I absolutely will not dress my beloved pit bull Lilah in funny costumes. No way. But it’s mainly because she is immortal and I want her to tell other dogs long after I’m gone how cool I was. Makes perfect sense, right?
There’s clearly no better time for dressing animals in hilarious costumes than Halloween, so it should come to no surprise to you that us animal-loving maniacs at UPROXX have put together a gallery of the most ridiculously adorable dog and cat – and even lizard – costumes you could ever imagine. There are some classics in here, as well as some new treats, but feel free to tell me in the comments about any costumes that I have egregiously omitted.
In the meantime, I should warn you – if you have a heart condition or a family history of melting because of overdoses of adorable, then you should brace yourself — this whole thing may contain more intolerable cuteness that the kiddie costume gallery we posted the other day. Consider this the complete opposite of those Sarah McLachlan commercials.

(Images via Buzzfeed, Reddit, Imgur, HuffPo, and the darkest realms of Hades.)

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