The 10 Worst Grammy Nominees For “Best Rap Album”

02.07.13 5 years ago 45 Comments

We’ve all come to accept the fact that the Grammys have totally lost touch with Rap music and what is considered, you know, good. And by “lost touch” I mean “they sort of never had touch.” For the last couple of decades, the Grammys have doled out nominations for Best Rap Album and while a lot of the albums that actually win are deserving, there are a considerable amount of stinkers that get nominated. With that said, here are the ten worst albums to inexplicably get Grammy nominations.

1. Skee-Lo – I Wish (1996)

Yes, Skee had an undeniable hit on his hands when he begged to be the size of a big baller. But does anyone recall another good song on the album? Up against albums like Me Against The World and E. 1999 Eternal, Skee stood out like a sore thumb.

2. Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (1997)

Another example of the Grammy committee hearing a hot song and saying, “hey, let’s throw the whole album in there.” It’s Coolio, dog.

3. LL Cool J – Mr. Smith (1997)

LL was born again here as a glossy-lipped, ballad-making pseudo-rapper. Though the album garnered some monster hits, it was overall a pretty tough project to listen to.

4. Ja Rule – Pain Is Love (2002)

Ja Rule has made better albums than people give him credit for. This is not one of those albums. PIL marked Ja’s decline into R&B growler, and opened the door for Fiddy to rip out his heart. But it sold well, so Grammy nod!

5. Petey Pablo – Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry (2003)

Oh, Petey Pablo. We hardly knew ye. While Pablo was responsible for the hottest Carolina anthem maybe of all time, his album made me want to take my shirt off, tie it to a high bar and hang myself.

6. Nelly – Suit (2005)

See, the Grammys like to do this thing where if a rapper is nominated a couple times, the rapper’s future albums get automatically nominated no matter how shitty they are. Suit is a testament to that theory. Incredible.

7. LL Cool J – The DEFinition (2005)

Is it any coincidence that the year of snap music brought about such terrible rap nominations? LL Cool J is partly owned by CBS or something so they showed love by awarding their soon-to-be CSI: Law & Order: Quantum Leap: Pubic Hair Investigators star a nod.

8. Eminem – Encore (2006)

Whenever Eminem drops an album the Grammy folks will give him an award. Doesn’t even matter if it’s even good or not. Encore was a SOMA-induced haze of an album that’s easily the worst in Em’s catalogue. If he did a full-on pig Latin album, the Grammys would give it a nomination.

9. Common – Universal Mind Control (2010)

Okay, the “Gladiator” song and “Punch Drunk Love” were cool. But otherwise this album was 45 minutes of what it would sound like if Voltron got sodomized.

10. Flo-Rida – R.O.O.T.S. (2010)

Somewhere through the course of this list, I lost track of when the Grammys stopped giving a damn. But when Flo-Rida gets nominated, you can see the Grammy committee treating the shark like Blake Griffin treats Kias.

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