20 Historical NBA Teams That Deserve Books Written About Them

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This Tuesday, the Jack McCallum’s Dream Team book is hitting shelves, which will probably make it the most compelling book about a sports team since The Jordan Rules. If the fervor for the Dream Team doc is any indication, people will eat up stories about the best team ever assembled. Hearing about the release made us think about 20 NBA teams that would make for compelling books.

Take a look and be sure to contact us if one of these books pops up on store shelves within the next five years.

1. 2010-2011 Miami Heat

Someone is probably working on this book as we speak. The parade. “The Decision.” The conspiracy to get the trifecta together. Was Pat Riley tampering? How much trouble was Spoelstra in? Did Wade trust LeBron? And how many times did Bosh weep in the locker room?

2. 2010-2011 Los Angeles Lakers

Their collapse last season was overshadowed by Miami’s but the Lake Show was in utter disarray. Something happened to Pau Gasol and the team fell apart from then on. We’d love to know just how crazy Kobe Bryant was looking at his underperforming teammates en route to an embarrassing sweep.

3. 2003-2004 Los Angeles Lakers

Payton. Malone. Shaq. Kobe. Four hall of famers that just couldn’t get along. Kobe hated Shaq. Shaq hated Kobe. And Karl Malone tried to bang Kobe’s wife. All of this came together for the perfect storm of anger and dissention that led to an improbable delayed sweep against the Pistons. Karl Malone quotes = golden.

4. 1999-2000 Portland Trailblazers

The “Blunt Blazers” is one of the most legendary gathering of degenerates in sports history. They were one fourth quarter collapse away from the NBA Finals and created endless stories the whole way.

5. Three-Peat Lakers

We just need Derek Fisher to write a tell-all and break down just how nasty the Kobe/Shaq era was. This would probably be the highest-selling sports book of all time.

6. 1984-85 Philadelphia 76ers

Barkley’s rookie year was full of personalities. He played with Dr. J, Moses Malone and Mo Cheeks. We’d love to hear how Doc and company worked hard to get Chuck into NBA shape and all the stories of fights with the Pistons and Celtics.

7. 1979-80 Los Angeles Lakers

Magic’s rookie year. How did Magic, a Midwestern and first-year player, adjust to the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles? How much did he totally freak out Jabbar? And, of course, when the spotlight turns to the Finals against the 76ers, we’d be all over it.

8. 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

72-10. These guys were the Beatles of basketball. Just give us the stories of their celebrity and it’d fly off the shelves.

9. 1999 New York Knicks

The lockout-shortened Knicks season was full of controversy surrounding Patrick Ewing and how the team should handle its aging star in the face of Marcus Camby’s stellar year. Throw in Sprewell and Larry Johnson? Fireworks.

10. 2011-2012 New York Knicks

Melo has earned the label of prima donna and wears it with pride. As the world’s lens focuses in on him, D’antoni’s shortcomings as a coach, Linsanity and Hydrant-gate, a chronicle of events would be comedic to read.

11. 1989 – 1990 Detroit Pistons

The Bad Boys Pistons. We’d love a book on their tactics, dirty play and championship run. We’re sure the book would put Gregg Williams to shame.

12. 1985-86 Boston Celtics

Or as the rest of the world calls it: Bill Simmons’ Book Of Basketball. This is supposedly the best team in NBA history. It’d be dope to see just how good they were. Also, first-person accounts of Jordan dropping 63 would be amazing too.

13. 1961-62 Philadelphia 76ers or 1967-68 Los Angeles Lakers

Really, give us any of Wilt Chamberlain’s seasons. The 76ers season stands out because he ball-hogged his way to 50 points a game. In 67-68 he refused to shoot the ball so he could lead the league in assists. Bizarre.

14. 1993-94 Seattle Supersonics

Kemp and Payton defined swag in the Jordan-less NBA. They were the best team in the West and ended up losing to Denver in the first round. It’s a long shot, but there are arguments that could be made that what happened during the 1993-94 season led to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s birth.

15. 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats

The cruel irony of Michael Jordan owning the NBA’s worst of the worst can’t be overstated. In a condensed season, his Bobcats looked as lost as any team we’ve seen in a long time; how would this affect MJ’s famously short-tempered personality? A book exploring the‘11-’12 Charlotte squad top-to-bottom would be impossible to ignore. – AJ

16. 2000-2001 76ers

Iverson didn’t have much help in leading his Sixers to the Finals; it was tragic seeing his excellent efforts against Shaq and Kobe go for naught. Considering the Answer’s best teammates were Eric Snow and a declining Dikembe Mutombo, their fate seemed sealed long before the Finals matchups were set. – AJ

17. The Nightmare Team –

The 2004 team is the most embarrassing team in American international sports. It was an Olympic basketball team that ended in third place. Not only that, it featured Allen Iverson doing his best to corrupt younger players, showing what it took to use bad work ethic.

18. 1970-1971 Milwaukee Bucks

Oscar Robertson was one of the league’s most reserved talents ever; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, not exactly. In bringing Milwaukee its only NBA championship, the two young superstars put aside whatever differences might have existed. Kareem would go on to bigger and better things in Los Angeles. The Big O would never again taste such success. – AJ

19. 2004-2005 Indianapolis Pacers

Sports Illustrated called for 2004 to be a great year in Pacerland, marking them the second-best team in the East. It isn’t hard to see why: between All-Star tandem Jermaine O’Neal and Ron Artest (and the steady hand of veteran Reggie Miller), the optimism was easy to buy into. One fateful night in Auburn Hills changed everything. The Malice and its aftermath dominated headlines, holding the sporting world’s attention for months. – AJ

20. 2009-2010 Cleveland Cavaliers

The media-based insanity surrounding LeBron’s final season with Cleveland will never be topped. We all knew that we shouldn’t have paid attention to ESPN’s rumors months – hell, years – before LBJ made his decision, but it was impossible to resist playing detective with every little bit of information that slipped through the cracks. Everyone had a different opinion of what would happen. Pair the will-he-won’t-he byline with such ridiculously high expectations, and you have one of the most compelling basketball seasons in recent memory. – AJ

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