In Photos: The 2012 New York International Auto Show

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NY finally got some of the best weather the city’s seen since spring started. What did I do to finally bring in the new season? Hit up Jacob Javits Center and gawk at cars I can’t afford with my cuzzo at the NY Auto Show. I missed out on last year’s shindig so, this time out, my camera got up close and personal for the first time with a few rides: namely the McLaren MP4-12C and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Foreign whips gathered the most interest on the floor as concepts, luxury vehicles and super cars from Germany to Japan made heads stop and stare. Yet American automakers didn’t totally get outdone what with the 2013 Dodge SRT Viper’s triumphant showing snapping necks and Cadillac’s CUE attempting to redefine dashboards one CTS at a time. Besides, you didn’t see any European or Asian companies style on everyone with a flying car, even if it looked ridiculous.

Each hall held far more whips to wax poetic about but why talk your ear off when flicks will suffice? Prepare to stare at some of the world’s greatest automobiles as soon as you click “Begin Slideshow.” Car nuts and neophytes will feel right at home here.

The Infiniti LE Concept tries to add some luxury to the hybrid car space with cutting edge wireless charging to boot. It’s not much of a looker but, when compared to other hybrids, you could do much worse in the aesthetics department.

This is basically the kind of joint some actor-dude like Leonardo DiCaprio would rock frontin’ like he’s about saving the environment. Then, when he gets tired of its 134 hp engine, it’s back to the Fisker Karma.

The Lexus LFA, priced at nearly $400,000, sat strictly eyes only on the floor but its stylings and workhorse of a 552 hp V10 engine has made waves since it premiered in 2010.

Am I wrong for still thinking the body’s look gains influence from the Nissan GTR and an Audi R8?

The Lotus Evora should come with a “you must be this small to ride” sticker. It’s a shame though since the latest in the Lotus line of pint-sized wonders seems fun to drive.

The McLaren MP4-12C may catch wreck from auto-nerds since, spec-wise, it’s not as revolutionary as the McLaren F1. That doesn’t stop the newest McLaren family member from being a great performer in its own right.

What’s even more impressive is this car got a good amount of attention with the following behemoth sharing the same space…

Welcome the Bugatti Veyron Blanc Noir Grand Sport. The latest Bugatti on the block had a grand premiere showing. The flicks don’t quite do justice to the crowd surrounding this monster. Yup, it won’t be long until rappers give this vehicle some shine next to your favorite video heauxs.

Two Bugatti staples – stupid speed and an even stupider price – remain true on the Blanc Noir. Prepare to shell out $1.9 million to know what life at 250 mph feels like on 1,000 horses.

The 2012 Lamborghini Aventador came in two persuasions: yin and yang. It’s a foregone conclusion some alternate flavor of this Lambo will see G.O.O.D. Music’s “Mercy” video treatment.

This 2013 Benz SL 65 practically begged for onlookers to hop in. Security didn’t miss a beat though so heads knew better.

Also this machine isn’t a matter of style over substance. The newest iteration followed its older brothers by providing smooth looks with gaudy performance via an aluminum body and 6.0-liter V12 engine drawing 621 horsepower.

Mercedes Benz’s SLS AMG, their flagship car at the show, sat somewhat tucked away next to the SL 65 but commanded impromptu photoshoots.

The car doesn’t stop at being pretty with a $190,000 base price tag. The thing tips the scales south of 3,000 pounds but its low height and 6.3-Liter V8 engine yielding 563 hp ought to be enough to tear up the track.

Why does the SLS open like that? Because suicide doors ain’t nothin’ to a boss!

I actually took the SLS for a spin…on Forza 4. This automobile has no issue hauling ass on straightaways but steering felt clunky on the turns. That could be attributed to a bad tuning setup on my part though. I’d love to be proven wrong on an actual course.

The BMW i8/Vision EffecientDynamics aka the Mission Impossible car sees your hybrid and says, “you’re doing it wrong.” The first i3 and i8 versions will roll out in 2013.

I overhead someone talk about how this ride reminded him of the cars in Tron. That’s an apt assessment since it easily stood as one of the sleekest cars at the show. Plus the car packs some punch, hitting 0-60 in just under five seconds and topping out at 160 MPH.

Check out the 2013 Bentley Continental GT. You know, with automakers all over your promising the world in your dashboard and loads of mpg, it’s refreshing to see Bentley stick to their guns with long time features like their “been pimpin’ since pimpin’ been pimpin'” power windows. This model worked on this car all day and even she couldn’t resist the whip appeal.

Safe to say that plate read the thoughts of anyone who laid eyes on the 2013 Audi R8 GT Spyder.

Acura’s NSX Concept rotated super slow so everyone could gaze at its contours. The exhibit gained more oohs and ahhs than I expected espcially since some enthusiasts feel some sort of attachment to the NSX’s of old.

There’s a pretty interesting story behind this ride. You’re looking at 1934 Model 40 Speedster once owned by Edsel Ford, Henry Ford’s son and former president of the Ford Motor Company.

Only three of these developed at the Ford plant like any other Ford. The Ford family sold the car after Edsel died and the vehicle made the rounds. Then, in the past decade, Ford re-acquired and renovated it to top condition. The exhibit just goes to show oldies can be clean too.

Check out Cadillac’s CUE interface in action. I didn’t stick around long enough for the PR spin but the UI seemed simple enough. I’m just wondering when you’ll have time for all that swiping and tapping between red lights and speeding down the freeway. Kidding!

Re-imagined classics from the US of A got their fair share of love. Check out the line waiting to snap pics inside this Chevy Camaro.

The 2013 Chevy Corvette ZR1 didn’t feel bothered to let regular joes imagine life in the fast lane: if only for a few moments.

The Corvette ZR1 Centennial Edition also kicked it with the public but someone forgot to unlock her doors.

The 2013 Dodge SRT Viper’s more European look and omission of the signature racing stripes ruffled a few car nerds feathers so far. It’s alright by me though.

The SRT’s stat sheet basically means it’s the new bully in town threatening to kick every kid’s ass. The latest entry in the Viper line should be one to watch.

The GTR, one of Nissan’s most sought after cars, has built a reputation for rivaling competitors twice its value such as the Ferrari 458 Italia and Audi R8 on test runs. Nissan’s 2013 edition is still far from a bargain at about $98,0000 base price.

Well, this is the flying car: The Terrrafugia Transition. Take this thing on a runway if you dare and fly up to 1,400 feet. It hits a max of 65 mph on the ground if you’d rather not brave the skies on your morning commute.

Witnessing the crowd’s confusion over what should’ve been a monumental reveal seemed pretty funny though. I commend Terrafugia’s effort, but from the look of things, people aren’t ready to fly and drive just yet, at least not in that thing.

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