Paul George, Damian Lillard And John Wall Are All The Reasons You Need To Watch The 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

02.06.14 4 years ago 19 Comments

The 2014 NBA Dunk Contest roster was announced today, and it features some actual star power for the first time since Blake Griffin’s win in 2011. The field includes the NBA’s newest star Paul George, John Wall, Damian Lillard, Harrison Barnes, Ben McLemore and returning champ Terrence Ross. No, there’s no Blake or LeBron, but these guys can pack their own punch.

Since All-Star weekend is only one week away, we want to share our excitement and celebrate the occasion. I’ve decided to rank the participants in order, from the most to least likely to win.

1. Paul George

Because he was robbed in 2011, because after he called the dunk contest stupid after that experience he should be coming out to make a point, because he’s more popular now than three years ago, and because his glow-in-the-dark 360 windmill (you read right) is criminally underrated.

2. Terrance Ross

Because he may get to use Kenneth Faried as a prop, because he’s as good a dunker as there is in the league, because Drake will probably be prominently involved and because HOLY SH*T DID YOU SEE THE PICTURE OF THE DUNK ON THE MANIMAL?!

3. John Wall

Because people like to see not so tall guys dunk, because he has his own dance and people vote for that kind of stuff. Also, because f*** Greg Monroe, stay far far away Greg.

4. Harrison Barnes

Because Barnes had the dunk of the year last year, until Deandre Jordan and LeBron did very mean things to Brandon Knight and Jason Terry, because this in-game dunk right here is just silly, because it’s going to be late on the east coast and he may steal some votes.

5. Ben McLemore

Because he may bring out Demarcus Cousins to throw a shitty inaccurate lob and if Boogie is involved he’s getting my vote no matter what.

6. Damien Lillard

Because he is probably doing the three-point contest as well and that would be fun to see him win both, because people like to vote for the small guy.

The field is as strong as it’s been in a long long time, maybe since the historic 2000 Dunk Contest in Oakland, aka the birth of Vinsanity and the night everybody forgot T-Mac and Steve Francis were amazing too.

Just please, Adam Silver, keep that stupid wheel from 2002 in whatever dumpster David Stern threw it in, I beg of you.

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