30 Seconds To Mars Feat. Kanye West – “Hurricane”

11.28.09 8 years ago 9 Comments

Let’s take it to outerspace for a second–or thirty. It seems like Jared Leto ran up on Kanye during the period when he was 808ing and heartbreakin’ and convinced him to auto-croon a few licks on the record. Now, “Hurricane” will appear on 30 Seconds To Mars’ new LP This Is War, releasing December 8th, 2009.

In all curiousity, does Air Yeezy looks back on his electro-emo phase with his head held high or does he pop his collar to hide the shame?

Dah well, he probably chooses “C” and falls into Amber Rose’s chest.


Download — 30 Seconds To Mars Feat. Kanye West – “Hurricane”

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