5 Great Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

06.15.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Don’t look now, but Father’s Day is in two days. And if I know the wrap dads get like I think I do, you’ve got a tie, some stucks and a steak stashed away for the man whose seed helped produce your bundle of joy. It’s a shame actually that Father’s Day has become one of the most uncreative holidays we have left.

Fret not, though, wife or baby momma. TSS is here for some help. We’ve got some quickie gifts that are great and won’t take much time. Now go! Hurry! Make that man happy.

“Game Of Thrones” Season 1 On Blu-Ray — HBO seasons are expensive as hell compared to shows from other networks. If dad is like I am, then he grabs the box set, holds it in his hand, caresses it then puts it back. Now’s the time to splurge on the most kickasss and brutally epic show this side of Breaking Bad. Just excuse him if he calls you his wenchmaiden afterwards. (Buy)

Crown Royal XR Extra Rare Whisky — This is the big daddy of them all. Whisky is a grown man’s drink and while dad may have Crown Royal in his stash, he doesn’t have it like this. I was able to grab a sneak swig of this and it’s the best Crown out of the bunch. Plus, it has so much prestige to it that the man will feel like a total stud for owning it.

Matching Kicks – This is a broad topic because there really isn’t a bad call. Last weekend I saw some wee baby Cement IVs and my wife said my face lit up like she hadn’t seen before. Automatic cop. Now me and the little one are going to match. If you want to see a proud, happy daddy, go grab some Nikes that he and his kid can wear together. It’ll be amazing. (Buy)

Western Digital WD TV Live Streaming Media Player — If you’re in a cable-less household like myself, then your computer is essentially your cable box. This makes it difficult when you have a wife or kids that want to watch a particular show. With the WD streaming media player, your can have your computer be your cable box that your family can watch on the big screen while you do some work. This also saves the trouble of downloading, putting something on an HD and connecting it to your TV when you want to watch last night’s WWE pay-per-view on a big screen. (Buy)

Game 3 Of The NBA Finals — This one is simple yet important. Game 3 of the best NBA Finals match-up we may ever see comes on Father’s Day evening. Here’s something vastly important: make his game-watching experience as peaceful as possible. Close off the man cave. Fix him game food. Keep the kids away. Give him a 20 to catch the game at a bar. Anything. Sometimes there’s nothing more important than watching the game in peace. And if he’s not interested in the series? Something’s wrong with him. Take the kids and run away like J Lo in that movie where she beat up the Rocketeer. This is only sound advice.

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