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Collins Twins

5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce [The Urban Daily]

The Best Of Community’s Dean Pelton [Uproxx]

The Hip-Hop World’s Bizarre Co-Sign Of Justin Bieber [West Coast Sound]

NBA Jam Exists Because Of Terminator 2 [With Leather]

The American Flag On Rap Album Covers Throughout History [The Awl]

If You Look At This Photo Long Enough… [DJ Mick]

Oh, No: Academics Analyze “Jersey Shore” [Warming Glow]

The 10 Best “Coming To America” Costumes [Best Week Ever]

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 Supreme [Eastbay]

The VHS & Betamax Aesthetic [Gwarizm]

6 Reasons Apple Will Make A TV [Motley Fool]

Man Admits Murdering Four Relatives On Thanksgiving, Gets Life In Prison [CNN]

NJ Fugitive For 41 Years Speaks As A “Role Model Of Rehabilitation” [The Gothamist]

Pluto Has a Twin Sister: Frigid Dwarf Planet Eris [Time]

Are You A Hipster?: The Flowchart [High Definite]

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