50 Cent & Soulja Boy – “Mean Mug” Video

09.24.10 7 years ago 40 Comments

Yesterday, Ronnie questioned “How is it that 50 cent just forgot how to make a hit record? That’s crazy to me.” It’s not only crazy, but the case with “Mean Mug” is that the music is damn near unbearable. I watched this figuring that it couldn’t be as bad as the online reactions.

It is. Watch @ your own discretion.

Fif teetered the line of almost making our ten list of has-been’s but we decided he still had enough outside ventures going on not to be added. While his career outside of it may be thriving, Boo Boo is drowning in shit’s creek musically and there are no hits in sight, especially not going about by choosing a bouncing beat and cadence that’s been abandoned by most artists and fans.

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