50 Cent On Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo: “They Have To Get Themselves Together”

07.09.12 6 years ago 48 Comments

It’s mildly ironic that given the current popularity of crews and clicks (Black Hippy, ASAP Mob, etc.), one of the strongest, most feared groups ever, G-Unit, is no longer in the discussion*. And never one to mince his words, head honcho 50 Cent appears on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” once again, this time to deliver unfiltered words regarding his cronies Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

On Lloyd Banks and his (lack of) independence.

“I end up doing [his] job too…I been managing [him]. $9 million. I did that for him. The top of last year I’m saying [he] gotta find managers, gotta find other people to do that cus I gotta focus on other things, other projects I got going. I’m on a movie set, what you wanna call me and say yo I need to go do this. The guy’s calling me about a show while I’m on a movie set.”

On Tony Yayo’s work ethic.

“Yay has to do a lot more…He just doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do and then he just goes ‘whatever.’ He had the simple formula. He said, “These fools ain’t here cause of us. They here cause of 50.” He been saying that since the beginning.”

On which of the two he’d save from drowning in the ocean.

“I’d put Yayo on the boat.”

Bottom line, the man is right. If the people around you can’t hold their own weight, you have to cut them loose before they bring you down. Not saying that’s the situation yet, but it may very well be in the near future. Word of Banks’ ineptitude has been floating around his he lost his master copy of Rotten Apple during a threesome (and admitted to it). And Yayo, well, he can’t outrap Eli Porter if his life depended on it, but he’s always been the one closest to Fif. The ship won’t move unless everyone’s on the same page, so realistically speaking, don’t hold your breath for a new G-Unit album. It’s probably not coming anytime soon.

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* – G-Unit was never the same after Game had his way with them. “300 Bars and Runnin'” was the start of their ending.

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