50 Cent Posting Money Pics On Instagram Is Causing Him Trouble In Bankruptcy Court

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02.20.16 15 Comments

All that cash 50 Cent has notoriously flashed on social media could now come back to bite him in court. The judge in his bankruptcy hearing summoned the rapper to court to explain how exactly he could be claiming broke in court, yet posting numerous photos of himself posing with what appears to be thousands and thousands of dollars in cold hard cash.

“I’m concerned about allegations of nondisclosure and a lack of transparency in the case,” Judge Nevins said at a hearing Thursday in Hartford, Conn., on Thursday. “There’s a purpose of having a bankruptcy process be transparent, and part of that purpose is to inspire confidence in the process.” She added that bankruptcy is a place where “honest, but unfortunate” people can get a fresh start.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the photos were brought to Judge Nevins’ attention by Rick Ross’ baby mother, Lastonia Leviston, who won a $7 million settlement against 50 in summer 2015. Joining her in the filing were two other parties, “Mr. Jackson’s mortgage lender and a partner in a failed headphone deal owed roughly $18 million,” to highlight what they contend is Curtis being disingenuous about his income, which makes it harder for them to collect what they’re owed.

50’s been trolling the public for a while with his pics, so it’s really no surprise that they became a red flag for the court. Previously, the “I Got Money” rapper and his lawyer made statements indicating his bank accounts weren’t on empty and the move to file Chapter 11 in July 2015 was simply him “taking precautions” to “position the future of his various business interests.” If that was really the game plan, 50 really screwed that up by not sticking to the script.

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