50 Cent May Have Struck A Deal In His Bankruptcy Case

03.10.16 2 years ago 3 Comments
50 Cent

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50 Cent’s dark days in court over his financial misfortunes may finally be over.

While in court on Wednesday, his lawyers met with legal counsel for his creditors and both sides appear to have reached an agreement that could end the case, along with all of the digging into his finances and making them public record. According to Hartford Courant, the only thing left is for the judge in the case to sign off on the deal.

[T]alks have been ongoing over the past three weeks and have yielded an agreement that, if approved by Nevins, would have all secured creditors paid in full and have unsecured creditors paid between 74 and 92 percent of what they are owed over five years. The faster Jackson pays them, the lower the repayment.

50 was in court Wednesday to answer questions about how forthcoming he was about his finances. Specifically, the judge and his creditors were worried 50 was hiding income due to his frequent social media posts where he’s seen posing with mounds of cash. In an affidavit filed, the “I Get Money” rapper indicated that the cash was fake and just a prop to maintain his flashy image as a rap star.

Don’t get it misconstrued, though. Fif reportedly told the courts he has $19.86 million in assets…to go along with liabilities of $36.09 million. Still, he seems to be taking it like his usual lighthearted self. He made an Instagram post that included the caption that read, “For some reason, people love me. I went to court today and all I felt was love. They asked me about money, I said I ain’t got none, but if you want some M&M’s, here ya go.”

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