50 Cent Has A Change Of Heart Regarding Album Sales & Artistry

11.20.09 8 years ago 56 Comments

I really didn’t want to speak on this until his official first week numbers came in because, outside of water cooler banter, it doesn’t really matter much. At least not to the average listener; I imagine first week numbers can make or break a TI’s week nowadays.  But in doing what 50 does best, he dropped this gem to Meka over at BET in response to Hits Daily Double’s projection that his first week sales to be around 150k-160k:

“The actual project is arguably my best work, to have the general public respond the way they’ve responded to it,” 50 continued. “I haven’t heard anything negative about my choices artistically, so if I was in the space where I absolutely needed finances from the actual sales of the record, it might mean something, but if it offers the material that I can go out and perform and make everyone enjoy themselves as much as I enjoyed myself making it, Ill be happy with it.”

*Rubs eyes*

Yep, that’s 50 “Mr. I Made First Week Sales The End All Be All” Cent extolling on the artistic merits of BISD.  Of course he also essentially said “It doesn’t matter what I sell because I’m already rich and it just gives me more to perform, which will make me money regardless if people in the crowd bought my new album or not.”  Some may call 150k – 160k a flop (especially when you consider his iTunes sales from Nov. 9th are included as well) considering 50’s past track record, but it’s more of just a sign of the times.  I’m sure a lot of people would kill for 150k.

It’s amusing to see Curtis speak so highly on artistic vision now, given his track record putting sales before music.  Has he turned a new leaf or is he just saving face?

As an aside, here’s his appearance on Gotty’s™ favorite late night show show, Chelsea Lately.

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