Cases By The Boatload: 8 Outrageous Court Orders MCs Want To Forget

02.23.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Earlier today, news began to surface that Game had been ordered by a judge to pay five million dollars to a group of North Carolina police officers. The reasoning? The cops claimed they were defaced by the Comptonite, while they were attempting to get Jayceon to leave a Greensboro mall, where he had been wearing a mask and shooting footage of them for his infamous Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin DVD.

Since Dr. Dre’s former protégé is far from the first rapper a judge has ordered to pay up, we’ve compiled a list of eight other MCs who’ve had to come out of pocket for outrageous altercations.

Who: Busta Rhymes

How Much: $75,000

Why: Back in 2003, during a college concert in Connecticut, a kid in attendance got up to leave in the middle of Busta’s show, after thinking he had actually paid to see Fabolous. When the YMCMG OG caught wind, he soaked the fan and then throw two full water bottles at him. Fab definitely wouldn’t have done that.

Who: Master P

How Much: $105,000

Why: We’ve all heard phone conversations from ex-girlfriends or head hunters on plenty of rap albums. However, none of them cost as much to clear as the one from Magic’s 1998 album, Sky’s The Limit. Apparently, a soldier from The Tank secretly taped someone’s grandmother asking, “When people get hooked on pot, can they get sick if they don’t get it?” When P used the clip to intro the song “No Limit,” Geneva Burger claimed she had been embarrassed and suffered anxiety as a result of hearing her voice. Now, her grandkids say the same thing every day.

Who: Katt Williams

How Much: $577,000

Why: Sure, Kat Williams is more known for his comedic styling than his music, but this situation is much more gangsta rap than stand-up. After knocking out some songs with a producer named Marion Joseph Powers, Williams’ refused to pay the man behind the console $28K he owed for the sessions. When Powers requested what he was owed, Katt ironically ordered his attack dog to sever the debt.

Who: Game

How Much: $50,580

Why: Apparently, Chuck has a reputation for court fees. This specific incident stems from an altercation during his cousin’s funeral, when the Compton rapper put a whoopin’ to her brother, who confronted him during the services about not paying enough of the bereavement costs. Talk about tough love.

Who: DMX

How Much: $240,000

Why: This is a good one. Upon arriving late to a flight at JFK International Airport, DMX allegedly pretended to be an FBI agent, so he wouldn’t miss his plane. When a pedestrian got in his way, The Dark Man flashed a police light and siren to get the man to pull over, then proceeded to beat him down in front of his family. When the real police were called, X got back in his Expedition and crashed through a gate to flee the scene.

Who: Rick Ross

How Much: $300,000

Why: During 2008, one of the hottest topics in Hip-Hop was Rick Ross’ former status as a corrections officer. Well, after DJ Vlad asked the question of the moment to the man of the hour, he later received seven stitches and multiple fractures in his face. Apparently, the truth hurts in more ways than one.

Who: Snoop Dogg

How Much: $449,000

Why: The story says that a fan named Richard Monroe Jr. was invited up on stage, during a Snoop Dogg show in 2006. After the excited gentleman casually put his arm around his The Big Dogg, security proceeded to end the guy’s night early. When he woke up, Monroe claimed he was “dazed, in a pool of blood and had his pants ripped off.” Please, save the Doggystyle jokes.

Who: Vybz Kartel

How Much: $15,000,000

Why: Well, when the Jamaican dance hall star decided to skip out on a show in Turks & Caicos, back in 2009, the eager show-goers went haywire and caused a riot. Feeling the repercussions, the show’s promoter went after Kartel for the damages. Seeing the eight-figure fee the judge ordered, there must have been a lot of them.

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