’98 Notable Quotable – Freddie Foxxx From “I Luv”

08.04.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

I love beats that are hardcore, dirty and raw

I love takin’ niggas burners when they scared to draw

I love plottin’ on my enemies, I love to attack

I love beatin’ niggas down when they rhymes is whack

I love!

Seeing MCs struggle to make

Themselves something that us real niggas love to hate

It’s too late, I love my Nina’s and I love my fours

Blowin’ holes through the project doors in nine wars, nigga

I love the feeling, and the rush that I get

From sayin’ run the Rolex watch with the diamond begets

I love, how my life was intact without a deal

How I kept the newest chromes on my automobile

I love the fact that rappers make mad dough, without a flow

Soft niggas, that I stain, like piss in the snow

I love the fact that I survived through the roughest of times

And break the mic when I want, with the roughest of rhymes

It’s a luxury to see me MC

It’s so hard, this lyrical brutality, feeds a nigga’s mentality

I love, when you niggas claim to be great

knowin’ your mob ain’t never lent shit, what the fuck is this?

Niggas bustin’ shots in New York, I get my vest on

Twenty rhyme clips in my mic, I get my bless on

Lone soldier standin’ on the front line, I fear none

Excuses that you give me for your lyrics, I hear none

You niggas ain’t no real MCs

You Sam Goody ass niggas can’t write without, suckin’ down trees

So I love, laughin’ at you niggas, while you clappin’ at me

I split your head shot from your man, while he’s slappin’ at me

I feel the hits from your rounds

Your hollow points make a nigga wobble, but I won’t fall down…

Freddie The Foxxx from “I Luv” off M.O.P.’s First Family 4 Life

“The Miltia” will always remain Bumpy Knuckles’ most popular guest spot from 1998 but he killed this Premier track with the same intensity. A lot has changed since then. His scathing bars aimed at terrible rappers were taken much more seriously because in the present time, anything goes. The level of lyrical energy is also unparalleled compared to today’s climate and for that alone, is enough reason for us to show this verse mad “luv.”

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