9th Wonder – “Make It Big” Video x “A Day With 9th Wonder” Mini-Doc

10.06.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

While it’s not George Kush The Button, 9th Wonder’s The Wonder Years is a magnificent title for sheer nostalgic purposes of the classic ’90’s program. My fellow HBCU alum recounts his hustle and each rung on the ladder of success it has taken him to become the man Hip Hop reveres as one of its more respected producers. The video is appropriate as it shows a man comfortable in all environments and one who has never forgotten his roots.

If nothing else, I’ll file this in my “pick-me-up” rap catalog; the type of song that reminds you that some people chase their dreams and in some cases, they come true.

Bonus: If that’s not enough 9th, clear about 12 minutes out of the schedule and take a peep at what it’s like to actually live life in the man of the post’s shoes, filmed and presented by The Conscious Tip.

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