A Great Day Indeed…

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Great Day in Harlem (98 edition) 1

On Sept. 29th 1998 thanks to the efforts of XXL, 200 old and new school Hip-Hop artists assembled on 17 E. 126th Street in Harlem to show solidaridarity as they recreated the photo of Jazz musicians taken by legendary photographer Art Kane back in 1958 at the same address. The East, West, Midwest, and South were all represented the group got together to reflect on how far culture had come as well as what direction it would take in the years to come.

Great Day in Harlem (98 edition) 2

Great Day in Harlem (98 edition) 3Great Day in Harlem (98 edition) 4

But don’t take my word for it, listen to those who were there.

Video 1

Video 2 Video 3

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