A History Lesson On Travis Porter

03.04.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

It’s almost felt like I felt the mood change when most of you read this title. Travis Porter? Why the hell would you want to know about these guys? They’re ruining Hip-Hop, right? That’s cool, but these youngin’s (I’ve been in the DMV too long) are all right with me. “Situational music” is how I choose to define what they do, and for all intensive purposes, they do it well.

Their music is a direct result of the environment they seem to thrive in – parties. A few weeks ago I was at Park nightclub in DC having a damn good time with drinks and females to match. At some point during the night, a buddy of mine tapped me on the shoulder to inform me my “favorite” quarterback was in the building as well. Not that I really cared, but Donovan McNabb was there drunk, partying his life away. Well, I’m not sure if he was drunk, but he was dancing all off beat, almost as if he was doing it intentionally. The DJ later went through a mini-Travis Porter set of “Go Shorty,” “Bring It Back” and finished it off with “Make It Rain.” It was arguably the livest six minutes of the entire night with every female in arms reach letting their inner stripper come out. If you haven’t seen this happen in person, do so. I cannot stress that enough.

The young trio teamed up with DJ Tay James for a retrospective compilation of sorts which details their favorite records from the past up to a selection of cuts from last month’s Music Money Magnums mixtape. No, none of the three are the next coming of Lupe Fiasco. But even Lupe may admit this tape is better than his new project.

Bonus: Travie and Machine Gun Kelly link up once again to tell you everything they know. It’ll make sense once you click play. Expect more music from the Differenter Gang – that’s what they call themselves – in the near future.


Travis Porter & Machine Gun Kelly – “All I Know”

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