Adrian Peterson Got Wasted And Resisted Arrest. Let’s Make Sense Of It.

07.08.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

On the mend from a nasty ACL injury which ended his 2011 season and threatens to halt the start of his 2012 campaign, there’s no reason to fault Adrian Peterson for having a drink. Or 15.

The all-universe tailback was taken into custody early Saturday morning after allegedly resisting arrest from some of H-Town’s finest officers. How the story plays out is something only the crack investigative unit at TMZ was able to unconver.

Daniel Maher, general manager of Live at Bayou Place, tells TMZ that Peterson has been to the club before, but he has never known him to drink much. Last night, however, Maher said Peterson was very drunk and was a difficult customer all night.

Maher says Peterson was throwing his ego around and making people mad, so they put him in the VIP area. Maher says when the club was closing, he rushed over to the bar to try and order one last drink and when he wouldn’t Maher says Peterson “tried to intimidate the bartender” into selling it to him.

As someone who’s been on the opposite side of soberness more than once, let me try to paint A.P. in a more positive light.

1. The club owner says Adrian isn’t much of a drinker and, for lack of better words, is a rather polite guy from previous encounters. Only the night in question was he rude and basically acted like a dick. In the words of the immortal Herm Edwards, “HELLO?!?” I’m pretty sure everyone reading this who has been drunk before has either been extremely horny, extremely chill, extremely beligerent or a combo of all three at some point during our drunken state. That’s just how getting wasted works.

2. He attempted to intimidate the bartender for one last drink. Well, one side of the story says all he wanted was a water. A glass of water after a night of binge drinking is more important than the alcohol itself. The absolute last thing you want is waking up the next morning with the headache from Hades and a severe case of cotton mouth. Regardless, a pro football player making a mad rush towards you with bloodshot red eyes would scare the average American even if he was coming to ask for a toothpick. Was Adrian acting like a jerk? Probably so. Any exaggeration on the bartender’s part? I won’t say no, but I will not say yes either. Moving right along.

3. He resisted arrest. Look, he’s a football player. He probably thought it was a drill. No harm there.

4. At least he wasn’t able get behind the wheel. Let’s all look at this situation from a positive, shall we?

As long as no one was hurt here, we can all avoid putting our moral police helmets for one day. The bigger question arises when you’re trying to figure out where to draft him once fantasty football gets underway. Resisting arrest when you’re drunk? Slap that man with a fine, make him sign some footballs and let’s continue to try to beat this heat.

Adrian Peterson just had one helluva weekend, ladies and gents.

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