Coming Attractions: Air Jordan 1 KO High ‘Chicago’

03.08.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

Words By Retro Boogie

The theme of Jordan 1 consolation prizes continue! If you’re bitter like we are about missing out on previous releases of the 1s hope has been renewed in the Air Jordan 1 KO High ‘Chicago.’

The negative aspect of the AJKOs are pretty apparent here. That. Damn. Canvas. Fights creasing like a champ but attracts dirt faster than Pig Pen. Like the KOs before this, the silhouette doesn’t exactly match its leather counterpart but it’s close enough for the non-picky type. The reintroduction of the original KO sole is dope to see again. The outer ridges look similar to those on the Air Force 1 and the rest of the tread is more circular in nature. Purists will rejoice. Leather makes an appearance on the swoosh and at the ankle collar, we’re assuming to make the logo embossing easier rather than have to screenprint or use dye for the Jordan wings.

One of two types of folks will cop these. The ones who don’t care about the condition of a shoe and will wear it till it falls apart, or the ones who will only rock them indoors. Or us, who want the Jordan 1 Highs but not at the damn resale price. Jordan should include some sneaker wipes and a scrub brush with these or something, though.

The Air Jordan 1 KO ‘Chicago’ drops March 15th at Jordan Brand retailers.

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