Alessia Cara Hates Her Cake And Eats It Too In ‘Here’ Video

05.27.15 3 years ago 9 Comments

Alessia Cara - Here Video

Words By Emanuel Vinson

Fresh Def Jam signee Alessia Cara has a new video for her breakout single “Here.” It’s a lot like Kendrick’s “Swimming Pools” in that it turns a random house party into a demonically lit madhouse. Cara is absolutely pissed she’s at this place, and she lets loose over the track’s smoky trip-hop. “Here” is also like “Pools” in that it’s totally an anti-party party song.

Like she says in the song, “Here” comes from the POV of an “antisocial pessimist” but it really only scratches the surface of youth culture. The video is generic to the point of ineffectiveness and she just looks bored. The most haunting aspect about the song is Alessia’s anxiety being escalated by a man (or two, or three) incessantly coming at her on some “nice guy” steez and her general inability to communicate her actual feelings to anyone. Including this male, her friends, the world, and herself.

Rather than likewise swallowing her words up in pessimistically cliché party rituals, it would have been nice to see iconic label give Cara a more distinctive push out of the gate. From here, it’ll be interesting to see her greater perspective develop.

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